Friday, July 16, 2010

The Last Day :)!!!!

Yay :D Today is the last day of institute. My kids took their post test yesterday, and as promised, I want to share how the scores turned out. So....they were AWESOME! On average, the class average of all 15 kids went from a 70% on the pre-test (just four weeks ago) to a 90% on the post-test!!! Some highlights:

  • George went from a 58% on the pre-test to an 83% on the post test
  • Ellen went from a 67% to a 92%
  • Jordan went from a 71% to an 88%
  • Isaiah went from a 41% to an 83%
  • Mary and Alia both went from 71% to 100%
  • Selina went from a 63% to an 83%
My kids are rock stars and I am SOOOO proud of all the hard work they have put into getting to their goals. Many of them far exceeded the ambitious goals we set for them and only a few didn't meet them. Every one of our kids showed growth in multiple areas throughout the summer. My co-teacher and I are going to meet with the kids one-on-one today to tell them their scores and share how extraordinarily proud we are of them. Many of these kids have never been successful at school before. I truly hope this is a turning point for them and that they recognize the reality behind our constant rallying that hard work leads to great gains.

Before I sign off, I have to also give a shout out to Tobi because I got the most amazing package full of goodies in the mail last night just in time for today's final student store. Thanks a ton Tobi! You are so super thoughtful and my kids are going to love all the new additions :)

Hasta Luego Amigos! Meg

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  1. This is just all AMAZING Meg!!! You are doing such a great job already. Love seeing all the pictures honey. Love Aunt Debbie