Saturday, July 10, 2010

Last week of Institute!!!

Hey Ya'll :) Just wanted to post a quick update. I'm heading into my last week of institute and I am super excited to get back to the valley and have a couple weeks of down time before the school year starts. I've made so many awesome friends here and I can't believe I've only spent four weeks with these amazing people- it feels like I've been teaching with them for at least a year! Some of us are heading back to the valley together, but a good number of my new friends will be teaching in different parts of Texas or Florida. I guess it's just a good excuse to go visit different parts of the country ;)

My kids have made some fantastic progress over the past four weeks. They took a pre-test four weeks ago and then re-took the same test two weeks ago. In just two weeks, their scores were 11% higher on average. We have set individual learning goals for each students based on their pre-test scores, most of which are around 20-30% improvement. They are taking their post-test this upcoming Thursday and we will get to give them their scores on Friday and celebrate their improvements together. The class "Big Goal" is for 100% of the students to meet their individual growth goals by the post-test date. I will definitely post after the test and share how they did. I am so proud of how far they have come and know it is going to be really hard to leave them in a week. I have absolutely fallen in love with these kids. They are truly amazing and my inspiration for working relentlessly 15+ hours-a-day.

I have to shout out a few people who have been incredibly encouraging and helpful to me over the past few weeks :)

* Shout out to my amazing mom who has sent me multiple packages every week, made two trips to Corvallis to pack up all my stuff, and is driving my car across the country this week so that I have everything I need as soon as I get back to the RGV! You are a HUMUNGUS help mom- I love you much!!

* Shout out to my auntie Debbie and uncle Bob. Debbie sent me two big packages full of school supplies and has offered to stock my classroom for next year with everything I need-What an amazing blessing?! My uncle bob and her both spent all day last Sunday helping my mom move my things out of my apartment and load up my car for the trip. They are such wonderful, generous, giving people and I love them mucho too!!

* Shout out to Shawn for taking a whole week of her summer to drive across the country with my mom with all my stuff! You are amazing Shawn- thank you times a MILLION!! I owe you big time!

* Shout out to Landon for hauling some of the heaviest stuff in my apartment down three flights of stairs to help out my family when they were moving me. That's a true friend ;) And a second shout out for getting engaged to the lovely Laura!! You two are such a sweet and deserving couple :)

* Shout out to pretty much the coolest college professor ever- Marie :) She sent me all sorts of goodies for my student store and the kindest note that totally made my day. She has also inspired much of the way that I teach math and my excitement about teaching math. Thanks so much Marie!

Ok- I'm off to Rice Village to hang out with a couple of friends. I hear there is a chocolate bar somewhere around there and I'm pretty much super excited about taking advantage of that ;) Have a wonderful week and thank you all again for all the encouragement, prayers, and goodies you have sent my way. Hasta la vista amigos!

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