Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I haven't forgotten about you all :)

Hi there friends and family :)

I realized I haven't posted an update in quite some time, to I better let you know what I'm up to. I've moved to an apartment in McAllen, Texas that is centrally located in the valley with another awesome corps member who I am becoming good friends with. While I'm still awaiting a job, I have an interview tomorrow (hopefully) and there has been a lot of movement with placements over the past couple of weeks. I really hope to have a job before school starts on the 23rd, but in the past there have been corps members who were placed after the start of school and still managed to make incredible gains in their classrooms. Speaking of incredible things, you should check out this link to a youtube video about Teach For America's impact in the Rio Grande Valley and Boston:

It's a really good representation of the disparity that exists here while at the same time showing what can and is being done to combat it. I will be posting again soon when I get news of where I'll be working. I have some fun pictures on my phone of a trip I took to South Padre Island with my friends so I'll get those up as well. Take care y'all :) Love ya- Meg

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