Sunday, August 15, 2010

Still waiting for a job...

I promised a picture of our trip to South Padre in my last post, so here it is :) From right to left: me, Karen (my roomie), Meg, and Anne

I'm still waiting for a job placement and school starts in one week! I'm getting pretty anxious but trying to stay really flexible and just roll with it. I have tentative interviews set up next week for a high school special education position in La Joya which is just 15 minutes down the highway and another high school position as a health teacher in San Benito. I think either position would be a blast to teach but there are pros and cons to each. If I got the special education position, I would be close to McAllen and get to work with a small case load of students all year which would be incredible and an amazing opportunity to get to influence a handful of students in a big way. However, it would mean a LOT of studying and a big learning curve as I work my way through the legal requirements of teaching in special education as well as taking another certification exam for k-12 special education. The health position in San Benito is right up my alley and something that I didn't realize was even an option until Friday. Unfortunately, San Benito 45 min-1 hour down the highway from where I am currently living in McAllen, which would mean another move or a lot of commute time each day.

I'm definitely more than just a little bit stressed about making my year long plan, unit plan, week one plan, learning new content, studying for a certification exam, and potentially moving all within the next week! I just keep telling myself its all been done before and I have a great support team behind me to help me make it all happen. I've been praying and seeking God's guidance in how to proceed forward as doors start opening and closing next week. I know He has a group of students set aside for me and an amazing plan for the year and I definitely want to be following the path that he has laid out for me rather than scrambling for whatever seems to be available at the moment. I would sure appreciate all your prayers as well and thank you so much for those of you who have been praying for and supporting me throughout this adventure.

In the mean time, while I wait to hit the ground running, I am taking advantage of the sunshine and time with friends here. We have had a full house with Karen and myself plus Anne and Meg and Elizabeth who are also all unplaced corps members waiting for placements. We've been having a blast together cooking, playing games in the evenings, hanging out by the pool, taking advantage of free trials at the local gyms, and exploring the valley. We've all been coping with the stress of being unplaced in different ways, which have been quite hilarious to observe in a house full of action oriented ladies. My coping mechanisms have been to work out like a maniac, eat ice cream on a daily basis, and buying shoes. After buying a pair of incredible zebra flats and turquoise flower flats I put myself on a shopping freeze until I at least get my first pay check...seriously- if I post any thing else about shopping before I post something about having a job you all need to send me harsh reprimands ;) Fortunately, the exercise craze has been counteracting the ice cream obsession for the time being. Ok, I'd better hit the gym before the day gets too much further along. Hopefully my next post will include an announcement about where and what I'll be teaching. Love y'all! Take care!


  1. Glad to hear you are eating ice-cream daily..."a scoop a day keeps the doctor away"...or something like that! I'm in Buffalo, WY at Anya's place right now, and leaving later today to meet some friends from Bozeman to climb Devils Tower.

    Hang in there Meg, whatever school gets you will be SO LUCKY. And they don't even know it yet. :)

    Love, Kassy

  2. Hang in there Meg! I know His plan for you is far greater than you will have ever imagined.

    Thoughts and prayers r you from the Central Point gaggle of Woodruff-Everetts